5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Should be a Priority for Your Direct Sales Business



If you’re part of a Direct Sales company and not making social media marketing a priority… you’re leaving money on the table. A lot of money. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are essentially your employees, and it’s up to you to leverage their power to expand your business and crush your sales.

Still not totally sold on the necessity of social media marketing? We’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons for you below. Get to scrolling! And trust us, by the end of this post you’ll know exactly why you need to prioritize social media marketing. 

  • Your customers are on social media.

If nothing else can convince you to put your time and energy into effectively using social media to market your business, hopefully this stat will:

78% of American women use at least one social media platform. (Pew Research)

Your potential clients, customers and business partners are already hanging out on social media, and most of them are there daily. When you utilize your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest wisely, you make it easy for your customers to find you. Meet your customers where they are! Go get ’em!

  • Customers buy from people they know, like, and trust. 

Social media provides a super easy channel for connecting with your customers. You can share information about your daily life, give advice, demonstrate your products in real time, and build rapport with others. Strangers are highly unlikely to buy from someone they don’t know or join a company that feels foreign to them. But when you regularly show up on Facebook and Instagram, suddenly those strangers feel connected to you. And when they feel like they know you, like you, and trust you—those strangers will quickly become customers.

  • It’s FREE.

Social media marketing is virtually risk free. It doesn’t cost a penny to run a Facebook page or group, business Instagram profile, or Pinterest. You can reach hundreds or thousands of potential clients for free. You don’t have to worry about losing your investment or creating a marketing budget. Just set up your profiles, put in the time and energy to interact and engage consistently, and reap the rewards.

  • You can increase the power of word of mouth.

We all know word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. When you tap into the power of social media marketing, you can put your existing customers to work for you. Satisfied customers will post about your products and the experience working with you on their own profiles, which will open you up to a whole new audience who is primed to trust you. You can invite your followers to tag others who would be interested in your products or services in a post. You can share testimonials from satisfied clients in a snap. Word of mouth travels significantly further in the world of social media than it does in the physical world. 

  • Your absence speaks volumes.

People expect business owners and companies to be active on social media. If you don’t have at least one social media profile for your business, potential customers will notice—and that’s not a good thing. If your page or profile is inconsistently updated or has been inactive, people may assume you’re no longer in business. A poor social media presence indicates poor business acumen. By not actively participating in social media, you’re only hurting yourself.

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