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You can now pin your favorite comments to the top of your Instagram posts. What exactly does this mean for you as an influencer or brand? 

The Basics Of Using This New Feature

First, the basics. When you swipe left on a comment some options appear, like replying, deleting, or reporting as inappropriate. You’ll now see a thumbtack with the option to pin the comment too. You are able to pin three comments per post, and you can unpin the comment if you want to make room for a different comment up top. 

Change The Tone Of The Conversation

The ability to pin comments to the top of your post means you can alter the tone and monitor the content people see when coming across your posts. This is beneficial because you are now able to showcase comments that reflect positivity of your message and brand, while also monitoring for negative or abusive comments.This is one way Instagram is hoping to reduce bullying, but it also helps with spreading more positivity across the board. 

The most important thing to remember before you go off pinning comment after comment, is that the user who’s comment you pin will receive a notification. Make sure the comments are supportive of your brand, and not just your gorgeous face…in other words, use this new Instagram feature for boosting your brand or influencer image not just your ego.

Ultimately, the goal is to boost positive and beneficial comments to the top of your post so that more users will comment with a similar tone of voice. This is just one way to use this new feature for your account.

Think About It From A User’s Perspective

Another reason we love this new feature is because it can earn you more comments. From a user’s standpoint, he or she may comment on your post to gain exposure from like-minded accounts. If you’re pinning top comments to your post, then the user may want to comment something incredibly relevant and uplifting in order to gain that exposure at the top of your post. As you use this feature daily on every single post, notice if you’re receiving more comments—and more thoughtful and positive ones! Users can see what comments are pinned, so they will know if you’re taking advantage of this new feature. Once they see you’re actively pinning, they’ll know they should definitely be engaging with your account. 

Overall, the new feature on Instagram allows influencers to highlight positive reactions to their brands, while also recognizing active members of their communities. This is truly a win-win for your audience and your personal brand. 

Have you tried pinning comments yet? If so, have you had a positive experience with the new Instagram feature?

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