Staying Calm, Cool and Socially Savvy During Election Week



It may come as no surprise that Instagram has taken measures to prevent the spread of harmful content with the US Presidential election finally here. While we’re all about keeping things cool and collected on social media, this of course causes some problems for those of us going about business as usual. 

We’ve put together some need-to-know info about election day and social media, as well as tips on how to navigate these changes and allow for optimal engagement this week. 

Instagram Hashtags

As mentioned above, in order to prevent the spread of potentially harmful content, Instagram has temporarily removed the “Recent” tab from hashtag pages. Instagram believes this change will make it harder for people to come across possible misinformation on Instagram. Instagram has not specified when the Recent tab will be turned back on. 

Facebook CEO and Instagram’s owner Mark Zuckerberg said, “I’m worried that with our nation so divided and election results potentially taking days or weeks to be finalized, there is a risk of civil unrest across the country. Given this, companies like ours need to go well beyond what we’ve done before.”

Translation: It’s likely we can expect other changes from Instagram and/or other social media platforms come election day and the following week.

Make Sure Your Positive Content Is Seen

While Instagram’s decision to remove the Recent tab may cause reach to go down temporarily, there are still many ways you can drive your audience to your page and boost engagement. 

Post more to your stories this week: One of the best ways to stay in your followers’ feeds is to post regularly on your stories. This way you’re always at the top of the screen, whether someone has seen your post for the day or not. 

Share more behind the scenes: Instead of sharing your highlight reel this week, opt for more vulnerability. People love when they see the authentic side behind a brand or influencer. It not only makes you more relatable, but for this week in particular, we need inspiring leaders, uplifting content, and positive energy. Use your authentic voice to share your wisdom and thoughts around how to make our world a better place.

Humor never fails: When in doubt, make people laugh. Now is the time for creative videos and stories that showcase the lighthearted side of your brand. As you show more behind the scenes content this week, let your natural humor come out and shine!

Above All, Be Patient

We know how hard it is to stay motivated when you put out great content and it simply isn’t getting seen. Unfortunately, reach has been down for about a month already, and we hope in the near future we’ll be over this hurdle for good. 

Continue to post consistently and share your high quality content, but instead of obsessing over your numbers, spend some of that time in other areas of your business. What part of your business has needed some love and attention? Now may be the time to devote some energy there!

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