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Southern Social’s newest client, Teametrix, is one we are especially excited to share with you because it is a brand new platform specifically designed for direct sales teams! Join us in welcoming Teametrix to the Southern Social community!

Imagine this. You are able to attract more prospects to your business with a variety of beautifully designed and customizable lead capture tools—from forms to pages to appointments. You have a built-in follow-up workflow system so you’ll never lose track of a contact again. You have an automated, multichannel approach for streamlining communication—all without losing your personal touch! And you can easily track and incentivize performance to ensure ongoing success in your team.

Amazing, right?! We are so excited to work with Teametrix and to see how this new platform will transform the future of direct sales. 

Everything You Need In One, Convenient Place

Teametrix is a versatile growth platform for today’s direct sales teams. Essentially, Teametrix takes all of the best tools from the most popular platforms and combines them all into one, efficient, and reliable site. Teametrix provides everything you could possibly need in one, convenient place.

Due to its ability to feature all you could possibly need in one place, Teametrix offers fantastic analytics! Using its “superpowers”, Teametrix will increase your conversion, engagement, and retention in your business. It is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and remote teams all over the world looking to scale faster, build bigger, and live better. 

A Full Suite Of Marketing & Engagement Tools

Now you can leverage a full suite of marketing and engagement tools to systemize, automate, and grow your business, all in one simple to use platform. Here are some of the tools you can look forward to:

  • Intelligent CRM
  • Two Way Text Messaging
  • Drop + Drag Email Design
  • Task Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Interactive Pages + Forms
  • Automated Workflows
  • Team Management
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Affiliate Program

Focus On The Work That Matters

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? The purpose of Teametrix is to spend less time on manual tasks and more time where it matters most. Implement and design the right systems to streamline and scale your business. It’s time to modernize your direct sales business!

We’re currently putting together a team of Brand Ambassadors – if you’d like to get started with a DEMO and meet Angelo, the Founder of Teametrix, we’d love to hear from you.

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