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We know you’ve got BIG goals for 2021. To make those goals come to life, you’ve likely got a social media strategy this year for marketing your business and growing your brand. We’re here to empower you to achieve all of these big goals for your business by sharing our top tips for fueling those strategies on social media. 

We’ve predicted 6 social media tips that will turn your strategies into outstanding successes! If you want 2021 to be YOUR year, then these tips are a must-follow.

1. Video Content… ahem, Reels!

Whether you like them or not, and whether they have become a natural part of your brand or not, Reels are the most effective way to grow on Instagram and make your business dreams come to life. 

Make a goal to create one new Reels video a week. As you get the hang of Reels, you may find it easier to create this type of content even more consistently. 

Video content doesn’t stop there. IGTV is still a great way to promote your brand on social media, as well as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, the new LinkedIn Live, and of course TikTok!

This year’s mantra is, “I thrive on camera.” Repeat, and fake it until you feel it!

2. Social Shopping

Social media platforms aren’t the only ones benefiting from users spending more time on their phones—your business can too! Thanks to all of the creative ways to sell on social media, your followers and new viewers can easily shop all of your products right on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. 

If you haven’t already, make sure your full product line is available on all of your social accounts.

3. Purposefully Driven Brands Will Succeed

Care about a cause? Share it! 

No matter what your brand is all about, it’s important to speak up about your values and what you care about. This means voicing that you’re an inclusive and diverse business, sharing your sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, and being aware of what is going on in the world and not being afraid to speak up about it. People love causes they can get behind and believe in. Just because you may not be an activist and your business may not directly relate to a cause, continuing to show examples of your ethical responsibility is increasingly important for people to be able to trust you and give you their loyalty. 

This doesn’t always mean you have to share about things that don’t align with your business. Being a purposefully driven brand means that you have a mission you strongly believe in, and you express your brand’s values throughout all of your content. 

If you struggle with this, take some time to journal about what your business is really all about. Reconnect with your “why”, and come back to this journal when you need inspiration for your website, newsletters, and social media posts.

4. Educational Posts Will Drive Engagement

Even though we still go to our social media apps to be entertained, we primarily seek value. Users love following and interacting with brands that educate, inspire, and entertain. For optimal engagement, create posts that provide all three of these elements!

Every time you create a caption ask yourself, “Is this educational, inspirational, and entertaining?” 

Your brand will thrive on social media if your posts are saved and shared. The best way to make this happen is to create content that is worthy of being saved for later and shared with others.

5. Stories Are Here To Stay!

Still not using stories? It’s not too late to get on board! After all, stories are here to stay, and we’re about to see even more of them. Stories are everywhere. Not only are they on Instagram and Facebook, but they’re also going to be on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Essentially, they’re going to be everywhere. 

Similarly to videos, it’s time to get comfortable with stories and make them a habit.

Need motivation to be on stories? Imagine if every time one of your followers opens up a social media app, she sees your brand first. If you are consistently on stories, then your profile will be more likely to show up on her homepage every time she opens up the app. 

6. Go LIVE Or Go Home

What we love about social media is that it is growing more and more relational. Especially in a time when in-person connections are few and far between, being able to connect face-to-face digitally is GOLD. Take advantage of the many ways you can go LIVE on social media and get to know your followers in a more personal way. Host classes or workshops and Q&As or tutorials. Real-time connections are key!

If you want 2021 to be the year you thrive on social media and achieve your big goals, then implement these social strategies for optimal success!

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