Instagram Aesthetic in 2021 – The Power of a Beautiful Feed



All of our lives changed drastically in 2020 with COVID-19 keeping us at home throughout most of the year. This raised a very big question for the Instagram aesthetic. Should our feeds change to reflect our changing circumstances?

For example, what are travel bloggers to post when they can’t travel? While some continued to post from the archives, we also saw many bloggers moving toward a more at-home lifestyle, laid-back feed with less intentionality when it came to aesthetics.

Then we’ve got celebrity feeds to consider. Accounts like Kylie Jenner’s and Beyonce’s feature beautiful photos, but their overall feeds do not have aesthetic consistency.

We see success in both the travel bloggers who have strayed from their perfectly curated feeds and in celebrities who can post just about anything and continue to grow in following.

But where does this put brands? We know you’ve felt it, and we’ve heard it a lot too—there’s so much confusion about whether or not the Instagram aesthetic matters anymore, and we’re here to put an end to any grey areas you may be exploring.

For brands, Instagram aesthetic DOES matter. Leave the laidback posts to the lifestyle bloggers and celebrities, and focus your attention on what message you want to convey with the feed you present to the world.

Here are 5 reasons a beautiful feed is powerful for brands.

  1. Instagram is visual, and your feed is a visual mission statement

Instagram is and always will be a visual platform. While valuable captions are more important than ever, photos still rule on the platform. Think of your feed as your visual mission statement. Make an outstanding first impression when users find your page. How can you use photos to convey the message you want to share about your brand?

  1. Professionalism gives your brand credibility

Think about your own user experience. If you’re looking for a new essential oil brand to stock up on for your home, do you want to see a messy feed of mismatching lifestyle photos? Or do you want to see a consistent, professional looking feed that beautifully portrays a product in each photo?

  1. Make it obvious what you sell

This brings us to our next point. A beautiful feed makes it easy for users to see what you’re about and what you sell. At first glance, does your feed feature your products or services front and center? Or does it take time for users to scroll and do some exploring to figure out what you’re about?

  1. Users follow brands because they love them

It’s as simple as this. Users follow a brand because they love its product, experience, or services. Think about the brands you follow. There is an expectation for their feeds to consistently be on brand. If someone follows your brand it’s likely because they already like your brand, so you already know they like your branding colors, imagery, and message. Why stray from that and confuse your users? By posting photos that are off-brand you risk losing loyal followers.

  1. Beautiful feeds are inspirational

Did we mention how Instagram is visual? We thought so! This is so important to remember time and time again as you plan your content. Your brand has the opportunity to inspire your followers to visualize their best selves and their dream futures. Your imagery can spark inspiration for them to make changes in their lives, to go somewhere they’ve never been, or to improve their overall wellbeing. Use your beautiful feed as a way to gift your followers with a vision board to guide their lives.

By creating a beautiful feed, you have the ability to improve the lives of your followers through powerful imagery and messaging.

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