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The Southern Social team took a trip to sunny Seaside, Florida in November of 2020 with our client, Opulenza Designs. We had a fun-filled few days capturing video and photo content for their most recent catalog launch, which we must say, is beautifully crafted and on point with anticipated 2021 trends.

The 2021 Spring/Summer catalog launched on Saturday, 1/30, and it hit record sales in its first 24 hours! Opulenza Designs prides itself on providing high quality sterling silver jewelry that features semi precious stones to compliment any style. The new line features a birthstone collection, a founder’s line (which is exquisite), a dainty mix-and-match collection, anklets & toe rings (we are loving those!), and so so much more! 

Southern Social had the privilege of capturing studio photography, lifestyle photography, and video content to support the launch of what may be their most successful line yet!

Because of the nature of sterling silver jewelry, and all catalog shoots for that matter, the Southern Social team was conscious and attentive in how we captured content every step of the way. 

With this being their Spring/Summer catalog, location was key! The SS team packed up their equipment and flew to the beach to capture the high-end, summer vibe our client so desired. With the Southern Social team of four, three local models, and the two amazing founders of Opulenza Designs, the trip was a success! 

Here is a deeper dive into our process when on site for a catalog photoshoot because everyone plays a vital role!

Founder and boss babe, Keisha Olds, handled all of the coordination. We’re talking about booking the models, renting the Air bnb, creating a shoot day schedule, understanding the exact needs and wants from our clients, overseeing the flow while on site, and providing professional insight on the best way to capture what our client wanted. 

Photographer, Dayna Gliebe, truly has an eye for beautiful photography. She made sure to capture images with varying composition to accommodate all needs for the print catalog. This included close up shots focused on each individual piece to show detail as well as full body to represent the ‘look’ as a whole. 

Videographer, Emma Yoder, has a way with the video camera, and it shows in her beautifully crafted content. She captured b-roll of the models, closeups of the jewelry, and those oh-so necessary scenery details to create a stunning catalog launch video. 

Social Media Communications Manager, Megan McGuire, always has her hands on the products! Her role is to assist in staging the perfect photo. Whether it be adjusting jewelry so it falls just perfectly, fixing the ruffles on a dress, or tucking hair away from a model’s face.

While our photographer, Kinsley Barga, didn’t make the trip to Florida with us, she played a major role in the development of the catalog as well. She captured all studio photography for the catalog and website! This included white space studio photos as well as styled flat lays for all new jewelry. 

You can find the entire catalog gallery HERE!

We’ve already begun planning the Fall/Winter 2021 Opulenza Designs Catalog Shoot and cannot wait to showcase their new releases!

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