What it Means to be Intentional in 2022



Behind the scenes photo of our team member working with a client

Have you picked your word for the new year? We find that—especially as a business—choosing a word can be more meaningful than setting resolutions. Because not only does your word for the new year guide every decision and action you take for the upcoming year, but it also defines the way you interact with others, determine strategies for accomplishing your goals, and even how you treat yourself. 

As an agency, our team has come together to pick a word for 2022. Our word for the new year is intentional. As we move forward in this new chapter of our business, we look forward to being more intentional with our business, clients, strategies, families, and our own personal endeavors. 

Behind the scenes photo of Southern Social team member working

We’d love to share what the word intentional means to us, and then we invite you to choose a word for yourself and/or your business for 2022. And hey, it’s okay if after reading our thoughts, this word becomes yours too!

Being Intentional With our Business

When it comes to giving our clients the best results, we know we’re only as good as how our team works together. While our clients already know how close we are as a team, our intention this year is to help each other do better in our individual roles. This could mean sharing resources, investing in additional training, and further developing our skills outside of work. But it doesn’t just stop there. We are excited to invest back into Southern Social so our business continues to reflect the work we do for our clients. We want to be who you turn to for expanding your own knowledge about all things social, too. 

Being Intentional in our Client Relationships

We’re always just a text away, and this is something we love about how we work with our clients. As we move into the new year, get ready for meetings that go deeper. The better we understand your mission and purpose, the more we can treat your business as our own. We’re excited to bring more data, more strategies, and more meaning to our weekly calls. 

Setting Intentional Strategies

This brings us to strategies. Our priority this year is setting more intentional strategies, which means better understanding your business and marketing goals. This will ensure that everything we do moves your goals and purpose along. We’ll research your markets, find potential new customers, profile your competitors, and develop strategies that support your goals. 

Cultivating Meaningful Relationships With our Families

Just how our team relationship directly relates to how effective our work is, our relationships at home matter too. We believe keeping our team healthy and happy is essential to delivering positive results. This year, Southern Social is committed to encouraging everyone on our team to be intentional in their relationships with loved ones to grow personally and professionally. 

Being Intentional With Ourselves & Our Personal Endeavors

Finally, we want everyone on our team to commit to their own personal endeavors and goals for 2022. We’re a dynamic team with varying backgrounds, skills, and interests, and Southern Social thrives when each of our team members is being true to herself and striving to be the very best version she can be. We are excited to see how this intention plays out in the work we do for our clients too. 

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new year, and with it new energy. As we set out to be more intentional this year, we hope this gives you an idea of what that means, as well as inspires you to determine your own word for 2022. 

Here’s to being more intentional!




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