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We’re all about high quality and natural, which is why we’re so excited to be working with Plant Love Naturals, an innovative Hemp product brand who prides themselves on offering only the best to their customers and community. 

Unlike other hemp product brands, you won’t find any exaggerated claims here. Plant Love Naturals has the highest-level certification available for their products, making them the clear and easy choice for anyone looking to nurture their skin and body through terpene-packed topicals. 

“​​When you want the most out of your hemp products, you save the terpenes & cannabinoids, you don’t isolate the chemical and expect to get the same results as you will with a full spectrum product. To date, we are the only company doing this and we do this organically. It’s our BIG secret and you are the beneficiary! Once you try Plant Love, you will almost immediately feel the difference.” – Plant Love Naturals Website

Not only do they prioritize quality ingredients and reputable sources in all of their products, they design them with their customer in mind. They’re on a mission to educate and inform their audience of the beauty and benefits of their incredible offerings, so whether you want to learn about terpenes, the Plant Love Naturals hemp farms, the Plant Love Naturals process, or anything else, they’ve created resources to help you learn and understand the value of their products. 

Some of our current Plant Love Naturals crushes include: 

  • On-The-Go Recovery CBD Roll On; helps to ease discomfort or soreness in the body before, during, or after intense movement or when addressing general aches and pains.
  • Melt Body & Massage Oil; penetrates the skin to introduce terpene-infused full spectrum CBD into the body whenever you need it most.
  • Youthful Glow Facial Oil; featuring evening primrose to help fight acne and eczema, this oil nourishes and calms the skin easily and quickly. 

What sets Plant Love Naturals apart? 

In addition to their highest-quality products, Plant Love Naturals aims to help and reach as many people as possible and relieve pain, encourage wellness, and embrace beauty across the globe. They do this through partnerships with large organizations to offer the highest quality, most desirable hemp products to their customers through wholesaling and distribution on a large scale. 

“Our mission is to be the premier provider of the finest hemp (CBD) products in the world, while continually educating and advancing the industry.” – Plant Love Naturals Website

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