How to Get Your TikToks Noticed



how to get your tiktoks noticed

You’ve done it. You’ve embraced TikTok, added video into your content strategy, and kept an eye on trends. Now you might be wondering, why aren’t my videos getting the attention that was promised?! It’s time to get your TikToks noticed.

We’ve seen so many businesses, content creators, and influencers jump over to TikTok with high hopes of virality. While it’s totally possible to grow exponentially on TikTok, it doesn’t just happen by chance. Here we’ve laid out everything you need to know to get your TikToks noticed. 

With a little bit of extra effort on each of your TikTok posts, we’ll help you get your TikToks noticed and make embracing this video platform so worth it. 

But first, a little bit of background on TikTok SEO.

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok SEO

get your tiktoks noticed tiktok seo

In order to get your TikTok videos seen, it’s important to understand TikTok’s search algorithm. Every single post you create should be optimized for TikTok SEO to increase visibility, reach, and engagement. Then, by understanding the algorithm, you will rank higher, and ultimately your post shows up in more “For You” pages.

There are two main ranking factors for TikTok SEO: 

1. User Interactions

User interactions are likes, comments, followed accounts, shares, re-watches and completions, and videos added to favorites. Each of these interactions are a ranking factor on TikTok, and with more engagement, your content is more likely to be recommended to other users. 

2. Video Information

Video information includes hashtags, caption keywords, effects, sound effects, content, and music. In order to rank higher, your video must include relevant keywords in the title, description, hashtags, video transcript, and even music. To boost your TikTok SEO, make a checklist of each of these components and make sure your keyword is present in each. 

5 Tips to Get Your TikToks Noticed

5 tips to get your tiktoks noticed

With these ranking factors in mind, here are 5 tips to get your TikTok videos noticed.

1. Understand Search Intent

Before planning your content, think about what users are searching for in your particular industry. The goal is to consistently create relevant and valuable content for your target audience. As you plan your TikTok strategy, research what the popular topics are in your niche and let this information determine what videos you create. Make a list of keywords that you think your ideal user is already searching for within the app.

2. Sound Like Your Audience

get your tiktoks noticed sound like your audience

Don’t overthink your copy or what you say in your videos. The more you understand who your target audience is, the better you will be at actually sounding like them. Speak the voice of your audience in order to be relatable and easy to understand. Write up a list of terminologies or phrases you think your audience may use. Weave these phrases into your copy and voice-overs. 

3. Use Keywords!

Much like Google SEO, optimizing your content on TikTok involves using the right keywords. Create a list of keywords that are relevant to your industry and niche. Look up trending keywords related to each of your videos. Brainstorm what keywords you think your ideal audience is searching for on TikTok. Take this list and use these keywords in your video content, description, title, and hashtags. 

When choosing a keyword, try to find one that has a high search volume on TikTok, is actually relevant to your content, and isn’t too hard for your video to achieve ranking. In other words, maybe don’t choose a keyword that the biggest influencers and brands in your industry are using. If you find a keyword with high search volume that hasn’t been used by larger accounts, jump on it!

Be careful not to overstuff your post with keywords. Your keyword placement should feel natural and not sound forced. You may find it helpful to test out your keyword placement, switching it up for each post to see which ones are performing best. 

4. Have a Hashtag Strategy

Next up, have a strategy. Hashtags are one of the best ways to boost your visibility on TikTok. Find trending hashtags that are related to your industry and niche, and hashtags that are relevant to the content you are creating. Avoid using large trending hashtags. Similar to keywords, it’s best to use ones you can actually compete with!

5. Take Time to Analyze How You’re Doing

get your tiktoks noticed analyze how youre doing

Finally, don’t forget to review your analytics. As you try out these new tactics for getting your videos seen on TikTok, go back and review your posts to see which methods are working and which are not. When things aren’t working, be willing to try different methods. Review your TikTok analytics for gathering these insights, including views, likes, comments, shares, and follower growth. Take note of average watch time and what percentage of viewers watched your video all the way through. You may also want to look at your audience and see if it aligns with your target market. 

Don’t forget to be yourself!

With TikTok, you really can’t go wrong. The app favors videos with originality! As you grow on TikTok, try not to get stuck in comparison, and focus instead on being yourself and having fun with it!

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