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Keisha founder Southern Social

Keisha’s journey to becoming the Founder of Southern Social, a boutique social media agency, was not a traditional one. With a background in sales, a Bachelor’s degree in Dance, and a Master’s Degree in Human Performance and Sports Sciences, Keisha initially aspired to be a physical therapist and dance instructor. However, she quickly realized her talent for selling and embarked on a career in outside sales where her job was 100% commission-based. This experience taught her the value of hard work and hustle, as she cold-called and sold promotional packages b2b.

“There’s something really empowering when you know you can walk into a business, offer someone a product and in under 60 seconds they trust you enough to whip out their credit card.” – Keisha

Keisha Southern Social

After nearly 10 years in outside sales, Keisha realized that she really wanted to be on the creative marketing side of the industry. While her sales clients had solid business models, their social media strategy was nonexistent. Keisha continued to pay attention to marketing as she worked for various distribution companies, selling shampoo to salons and day spas in a multi state territory. She worked for brands like Oribe, R&Co, UNITE, ColoreScience, and Organic Pure Care, plus many more! Keisha built relationships with clients where she observed that many stylists were struggling with social media due to their busy schedules. While many of her clients loved the power of social media, these business owners simply didn’t have the time to invest into this new marketing strategy.

Keisha and Dayna Southern Social Team

Enlisting the help of her colleague, friend, and photographer, Dayna Gliebe—who at the time was a new photographer—together they started taking photos of beauty brands and salons. They quickly learned that beautiful brand photography on social media led to more sales compared to the dimly lit photos salons had been posting. This realization sparked the idea for building an agency focused on the key pillars of beautiful brand photography and videography, in tandem with a strong social media strategy.

With a new love for this creative outlet, Keisha found herself burnt out from her 40-hour traveling corporate job. She put in her two weeks’ notice and officially launched Southern Social.

“I distinctly remember the day I put my notice in for corporate; my boss called me immediately – let me go immediately – and I felt an immense amount of relief knowing I could pick my kids up from the school bus that day instead of them going to their afterschool program.” – Keisha

Southern Social Team

For six years, Southern Social has grown organically, even succeeding through the challenges of Covid. 

Keisha’s approach to business has always been about quality over quantity. She leads her small but mighty team with grace, love, and hands-on involvement. 

Clients say the Southern Social team comes in “cameras a blazin’!” The team always brings a positive, enthusiastic energy to shoot days.

Keisha values her clients as partners in their businesses, celebrates their successes, and prioritizes clear communication and follow-through on deliverables. She has also learned to preserve her emotional energy and prioritize her mental wellbeing in the fast-paced world of social media. 

Keisha family Southern Social

Apart from her work, Keisha is a mom to two teenagers, Aubrey and Harley. She has navigated divorce and has recently become a homeowner, which is a huge feat she never thought she would financially be able to do on her own. She has learned the challenges of co-parenting while growing her business. She has learned that whatever phase of life one is in, it can be tough, and it’s okay to acknowledge that and take a deep breath. 

Keisha finds joy in going to Crosspoint Church in Mt Juliet with her daughter on Sundays, where she has attended for the past 10 years, and she loves supporting her Nashville teams by frequently going to baseball, football and hockey games. FUN FACT: She’s also an alum for the Nashville Predators Dance Team! Keisha models for the Block Agency, showcasing her versatility and passion for creativity, and she still finds time to relax and unwind with a good Netflix show.

As Southern Social continues to thrive and adapt to changes in the social media landscape, Keisha’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and single parents alike. Her resilience, determination, and commitment to quality have paved the way for her success in building a thriving social media agency that is beloved by its clients and team alike.

Want to connect with Keisha? She’s always up for a chat! Send her an email or follow her on Instagram.

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