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The summer season provides a fresh opportunity to showcase your brand with bright and uplifting photography and videography! Our complete checklist will help you plan your summer content now!

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Now is the time to start thinking about how you want to showcase your brand this summer. We’ve put together a simple guide for how to plan your summer content now, with a complete checklist of content you’ll definitely want to capture!

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to get deals together weeks before Black Friday when your competitors have been planning for months in advance. Similar to the holiday season, you don’t want to find yourself well into summer without a strong social media strategy. 

Plan ahead now with our complete summer content checklist, so that you can have a complete portfolio of summer-themed photos that help market your brand well all season long!

plan your summer content for social media

Ready?! Let’s get started. 

Plan Your Summer Content Now

With summer being a time of fun, relaxation, and adventure, the content possibilities are truly endless. As you review our content checklist below, make note of what feels on-brand for you and your business. Most importantly, don’t try to do it all! Find your niche and do it well, as opposed to trying to capture every single summer theme. 

First, create a content calendar for the summer months and brainstorm the types of content you want to capture. Our checklist is here to get you started with some fun and fresh ideas!

1. Summer Food & Beverages

summer beverage for summer social media content

Showcase bright fruits, tropical cocktails, iced coffee beverages or teas, infused water, ice cold beer, popsicles, or ice cream. What summer food or drinks resonate with your brand? 

If you’re in the food industry, highlight your patio and the best seasonal items on the menu. 

2. Summer Picnics & Travel

summer travel destinations

Would a picnic in a garden or a roadtrip to a waterfall fit your brand identity? Or is your brand more likely to find itself headed for the beach? 

Capture the beautiful scenery of your local area, share tips for how you enjoy the summer, or showcase your favorite summer travel destinations. 

3. Water, Water, Water!

plan your summer content by the water

Whether it’s a lake, beach, or pool, water activities are a staple of summer. Share photos by your favorite water destination and weave your brand into it. 

If relevant, share tips for staying cool during the hot months. 

4. Pets Enjoying Summer Activities

plan your summer content with pets

You can never go wrong with incorporating pets into your content strategy! If it applies to your brand, you may want to share tips for keeping pets cool and safe during summer, or you may decide to simply include them in your branded photos. 

5. Summer Essentials

summer props for brand photo shoot

Don’t forget your summer props! Gather tote bags, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other summer essentials that remind you of summer and match your brand identity.

6. Feature Seasonal Products

summer products for content planning

No matter the season, you should be featuring your products year round. During the summer months, consider showcasing them in fun, outdoor settings with a warm weather twist. 

This is especially important if you have products new this season or that are particularly beneficial during summer months. 

7. Summer Holidays

plan your summer holiday content

Think about any big holidays coming up in summer. Plan ahead for Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and 4th of July by creating themed content that will resonate with your followers. 

8. Health & Wellness

summer workout at the beach

Summer is the perfect time to focus on health and wellness, so consider sharing a summer workout or adventure playlist, your favorite healthy summer recipes, or tips for staying active during the hot months.

9. Warm Weather Fashion

summer content style guide

If your brand is linked to fashion, share a summer style guide, vacation must-haves, or beach attire! Match your brand’s aesthetic and showcase your own products or affiliate links.

By planning your summer content in advance, you’ll be able to create a cohesive and engaging social media strategy that resonates with your followers. Plus, it will allow you to step back and enjoy the summer yourself, without worrying about scrambling to come up with content at the last minute. 

Start planning now, and get ready to make a splash on social media this summer!

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