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Keisha’s background in direct sales for shampoo distributors gave her the expertise needed to consult both influencers and businesses in the beauty industry, salons, spas and direct sales companies alike. 

Today Southern Social continues to create content, including videos, Reels, catalogs and blogs, to nurture businesses and influencers into their full potential as a brand. While we began in the beauty and network marketing industry, our niche continues to expand to all facets of lifestyle, including wellness, family, and women empowerment.

What began as filling in a need has grown into an agency that truly specializes in capturing brand voice through content and brand image through custom photography. Whether you need help strategizing your digital media presence or putting together a gorgeous brand image, Southern Social is ready to welcome you to our reliable and authentic community.

Keisha and DayNa have traveled over 50,000 miles together over the past 4 years - from San Francisco, and Napa, to Dallas, TX, Tulsa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tuscaloosa, AL, Memphis, TN, and Destin, FL!

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact:

After a decade of outside marketing + sales in the beauty industry, our Creative Director & CEO, Keisha Olds saw a need for social media strategy and growth in the small business and network marketing community. Being told time and time again that beauty brands and small business owners struggled to grow their social media platforms and produce content, Keisha teamed up with our Lead Lifestyle Photographer, DayNa, to create engaging social media content, beautiful brand photography and social marketing strategies for brands that needed to reach a larger audience.

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Welcoming. Reliable. Family-first. Authentic, Home. True for the South, and true for Southern Social. 

We’re as southern as sweet tea and chicken and waffles. We’re huggers and storytellers, proud of our southern roots and how that helps us share the feelings of home. As a full-service digital and creative agency, that’s what we do for your brand. We make it easier for you to naturally connect with your audience and make them feel welcome, just like they were your very own family.

Nothing we do is accidental. We develop precise social strategy built on gorgeous photos and video, all designed to help tell your brand’s story—real, authentic, vulnerable—and never borrowed from any other client. We’re damn good at it, too, because your brand deserves our best.

No matter where y’all are located, Southern Social can help.

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Creative Director and CEO, Keisha Olds, was born to be in the spotlight, and her passion lies in helping brands and influencers shine there too. With a Master’s Degree focused on dance, her stint dancing and working for the NHL Nashville Predators, coaching, modeling, and selling beauty products, Keisha knows what it takes to grow on social media and keep up a beautiful feed of content. Keisha is a true leader in authenticity, confidence, empowerment and entrepreneurship, and she shares this expertise at speaking engagements and conferences. Keisha is a mother of two, and her smile is infectious. Get to know her and become a part of the Southern Social family. 

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