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Let’s Be Their Hope In Action

It’s fashionable for companies of all stripes to talk up the ways in which they give back and support good causes. After all, it’s good PR, at the very least, to let people know you’re not completely heartless, because you’re doing good for the community. 

One label for these kinds of efforts is “corporate social responsibility,” or CSR. It’s a relatively new concept that has emerged in the last 50 years and encompasses a company’s efforts to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature. If it’s good PR to “do something,” a company that doesn’t have a cause will be called out by empowered consumers in this age of free-flowing information. 

In contrast to companies that dabble in CSR because they feel compelled to do so, there are companies that support or pursue a cause because it’s inherent in their very natures to do good where they can, companies whose founders are not satisfied with the status quo. One example is Veribella, which unambiguously states, “We are here to be a force of transformation.” 

Specifically, the Veribella Foundation is fighting one of the ugliest and most pernicious problems of modern times: Human trafficking and slavery. The company’s website states, “By partnering with successful organizations engaged on all fronts of the rescue process, change is possible.” Clearly, change is needed, as human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world. 

Every once in a while, something catches my eye. As I started to explore Veribella, I found it was more than just your typical social selling/direct sales beauty company; it also has a non-profit created to rescue women, men, and children from human trafficking,” relates Jana Kennedy, Brand Partner. “This happens in our own backyards and all over the world. Veribella believes that through the help of Brand Partners who join the business, we can make a larger impact on rescuing people and give them back the freedom that was taken from them. That’s powerful to say the least.”

Veribella, based in Colorado, has taken a novel approach that turbocharges the way it fights this scourge. As a direct selling company, Veribella uses a tiered compensation plan to pay commissions and bonuses to Brand Partners as they sell to customers. In a unique move, the Veribella Foundation is at the top of the compensation plan. This means every product sold helps fund the effort, and every customer and Brand Partner is involved in helping to effect change. This is a powerful way to harness the strength of a network. 

How much difference can a company like Veribella really make against a world-wide evil? For now, it’s hard to quantify, but you could also say it doesn’t matter (yet) how much the needle moves. What matters now is knowing the company is disseminating information, galvanizing interest and forging alliances with and has a sustainable way to support organizations with “boots on the ground,” as it were.

The transformation is coming. 

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