5 Social Selling Companies ON THE RISE in 2020



Direct sales, social selling…whichever way you want to spin it, people all around you are partnering with network marketing companies across the US. Companies in this space pop up with regularity, in fact – there are 1,400 Direct Selling companies in the USA, many open new markets every year and worldwide an est. 10,000 of these companies are active with $250+ Billion in sales! 

While success for any company is dependent on numerous factors, our team at Southern Social feel the future is looking mighty bright for these five companies. 


Less than one month ago (January 2020), Everra opened its doors in the U.S. and U.K., inviting people to be part of a collaborative community of Influencers. Whether they begin as “influencers” or “Influencers,” Everra has a place for everyone—and at just $9 to start, it’s a very affordable way for anyone to try their hand at social selling. 

At Southern Social, we are all-in on influencer marketing and are thrilled to have Everra as a client. Their three launch products — the Everra Face Serum, Everra Eye Serum, and Everra InstaLast Serum — are powered by the Swiss Red Love Apple, and especially apple stem cells. All of us around the office who have had a chance to use these serums have noticed incredible results and we can’t wait to see what Everra offers next.

The company pays up to 50% commissions on personal sales (team and personal commissions are paid immediately) and offers other attractive rewards and incentives. For anyone wondering what social selling is all about, it would be hard to go wrong giving it a try with Everra. 

Go give them a follow on IG @everraofficial


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MIG (Mighty in Good)

For us to feature a company that hasn’t even launched in social selling yet, you know it has to be good … Mighty in Good, in fact. 

Once you get acquainted with MIG and Jaime Cross, the entrepreneur behind it, you can’t help but believe her when she says the company will be a billion-dollar brand very soon. Having already operated for years in retail as makers of organic beauty and self-care products, MIG has proven it knows how to develop not just effective and desirable offerings, but also an inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and ahead-of-trend brand that is irresistible. Proof: 72% of customers are repeat buyers. 

As MIG prepares to bring those same products and on-point brand to social selling, that kind of brand loyalty could definitely fuel vast success for its Ambassadors. The details of Ambassador compensation are still being defined, but everything we’ve seen leads us to believe MIG will quickly become a hot destination for many entrepreneurs..

In this industry it’s easy to be cynical about people, companies, and motives, but we find Jaime’s message thoroughly inspiring: “You can be all that you see, and it’s time to rise, put your stake in the ground and remember the small, still voice that told you you could conquer life and take the world by storm.”

Watch out for MIG, launching this April in social selling. 

Take a closer look here!


A self-described lifestyle brand, Joiya offers phytocannabinoid products, along with content and programming. Their goal is to “alleviate the volatility of life and empower you with a sense of balance, focus, and happiness so that you can be the true you.” 

Joiya set out to intentionally create “thoughtfully crafted CBD products of the highest quality and efficacy.” In other words, they didn’t slap together a few ingredients to cash in on the CBD buzz (no pun intended). The products (some THC-free) are grouped into categories of Essential, Harmony, and Calm. 

Southern Social has partnered with Joiya because we saw a fit with our values and the company’s mission, especially: “Our mission encourages daily moments of pause, reflection, and gratefulness for all the little things that, when added up, bring us ‘joi’.” Changing the y to an i in joy reminds us all that we are responsible for our outlook, and we LOVE that!

Go give them a follow on IG @joiya.life

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Opening their doors just this month, Pomifera has generated a lot of buzz and energy, including more than 10,000 followers on Facebook. With the watchwords of simple, honest, and humble, Pomifera is built around the benefits of a so-called “trash fruit”, the Osage orange (Maclura pomifera)—or hedge apple, horse apple, or mock orange. 

With gorgeous packaging that would be comfortably at home at Nordstrom, Pomifera offers products for hair, body and face, and all are powered by pomifera oil. The company says the ingredient “has been shown to be effective in everything from anti-aging to cell regeneration and scar reduction.” 

Headquartered in Iowa, Pomifera has a definite “down home” vibe, and it’s easy to believe their statement about joining: “We take pride in being ‘a happy place’ for those who choose to partner with us and are on a mission to build a company that takes the guesswork out of virtual franchise ownership and gives men and women from all over somewhere to have fun.” We look forward to seeing big things from the company built on trash fruit.

Neogenics Nutrition

Finally, a company close to our hearts … or at least our home. This Nashville-based outfit offers a collection of nutritional products to address a number of needs and concerns. Before you roll your eyes at yet another direct sales company offering pills, the quality of the offerings is second-to-none. For example, before even officially launching, their flagship NeoPro Daily Probiotic won a Bronze Stevie® from the 2019 International Business Awards in the Best New Consumer Products category. That’s no small feat. 

With an unyielding commitment to quality, Neogenics has attracted a devoted base of distributors and customers alike who rave about a protein shake that tastes great. Anyone joining as a distributor by March 31 this year can qualify as a Founder, which means the potential for profit sharing every quarter. Their social media efforts, while modest so far, reveal an earnest company trying to do good for others, featuring content that encourages people to take control of their health and live their best lives. 

One of these companies could be a great home for you if you’re looking for social selling opportunities. We encourage you to do your homework, evaluate both the products and the opportunity, connect with leadership if you can, and don’t overlook culture. Any company would be lucky to have you! 

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