5 Halloween Content Ideas That Will Drive Engagement



Halloween essentially kicks off the holiday season, and as fun as the holidays may be, it can feel a bit intimidating to weave in holiday-themed content into your perfectly curated social media feed. There are so many creative ways to share Halloween content that can reflect and enhance your brand image, while actively engaging your followers. These 5 Halloween content ideas will not only spruce up your feed, but they will drive engagement too! 

Here are 5 Halloween content ideas that will drive engagement.  

Share A Halloween Playlist

Everyone loves a good Halloween playlist, especially when you get creative with it. If you’re a fitness influencer or brand, then now is the perfect time to share a Halloween inspired workout playlist. If you’re an MLM brand, consider sharing a playlist along with some suggestions for hosting a party to sell your products while having a fun (and spooky) girls night out! Be sure to engage with your followers by asking them what their favorite Halloween song is.

For your photo, share an Instagram Reel or IGTV or you dancing to your Halloween music. Get creative and tie your video into your niche!

Share Your Halloween Favorite Movies

Help your audience get into the Hallween spirit by sharing your favorite Halloween movies with them. If you’re in the wellness of food space, you could even share a movie snack recipe to go along with your suggestions. Don’t forget to ask your followers what their favorite movie is too!

Share a photo of you in cute loungewear and a glass of wine enjoying a movie night. Or perhaps you have a photo of you and your pup snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn. There are endless possibilities for cuteness here. 

Post A Throwback Halloween Costume Pic

Everyone LOVES a throwback costume pic. Go through your old Halloween childhood photos and find some funny and adorable pics of you all dressed up. Share your favorite one to your feed and ask your followers what they dressed up as when they were younger! 

You can also post a photo in your current Halloween costume and then share a carousel that swipes to the throwback—we know it’s all about your feed aesthetic!

Here are a few Southern Social Throw Backs:

Show Yourself Carving A Pumpkin

Not into costumes and movie nights? For the more outdoorsy girls, sharing a photo of your carving a pumpkin is a great option for getting into the holiday spirit. If you share a photo of you carving a pumpkin, make sure you show the finished product too! To engage your audience, ask them about their favorite pumpkin carving they’ve ever created.

Post A Pic Of Your Pet In Their Halloween Costume

Okay, let’s be honest. The world can’t get enough of cute pets in Halloween costumes. If you’ve got a furry friend, then this photo is a must! Share a photo of your pet all dressed up either with you or not—for bonus points, share a photo of you and your pet dressed up together! Your followers will love you if you ask them what their pets are dressing up as.

Never shy away from posting holiday content. Halloween is a great opportunity for driving engagement and bringing some fresh creativity to your feed.

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