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As a branding agency, we are taking a ton of photos on a weekly basis for clients. When it comes to easy posing ideas, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. These posing tips aren’t just for models—we’re everyday girls just like you! Our posing ideas for your next brand shoot are not only easy, but they’re also FUN.

If you tend to get nervous in front of a camera, we are sharing a few easy poses for pictures that you can use during your next shoot. Here are 6 easy posing ideas for your next brand shoot!

1. The slow walk

The most important tip to take away from this guide is that movement looks best. Slowly walking is something we do every single day, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that it is one of the most successful poses too! Simply walk toward the camera while smiling, laughing, looking at your girlfriends, or with a slight tilt toward the ground. Find a beautiful location to walk, whether it’s a city street or a scenic park.

2. Looking back at the camera

Looking back at the camera evokes a sense of “I’m moving forward. Are you coming with me?” It’s a powerful pose that is perfect for representing brands that empower women and encourage goal-setting. It is also fun, playful, and cute, and you can either smile, laugh, or have a more serious and bold expression while perfecting this pose.

3. Tucking your hair behind your ear

One of the biggest questions people ask while posing is, “What should I do with my hands?” It’s okay, we all feel awkward until we have something to do with our hands. Next time you pose for a brand shoot, try tucking your hair behind your ear. Hair is one of those beautiful things that has movement and volume, and even simply playing with your hair will create a dynamic, captivating photo.

4. Leaning against a railing

Leaning against a railing, over the staircase, or over your knee with your legs crossed are all poses that work great. We’ve tried them, and we can guarantee that these poses work time and time again. As you plan out your photo shoots, think of places that have interesting staircases, ledges, or steps to sit cross-legged on. 

5. Move, move move!

Did we mention how much we LOVE movement?! Swish your dress, move your hips, or jump a little from one foot to the other. Don’t overthink what you look like, just snap away, and we promise you’ll end up with a handful of photos that rock. If you feel a bit camera shy and don’t know how to move, turn on some music and loosen up before your photo shoot. 

6. Laugh…always a laugh

Not only is laughing in front of the camera fun for everyone—try it, It will make everyone in the room start to laugh—but photos of laughter also bring immense joy to your audience when they see your photos. Make sure you snag some laughter photos at every single photo shoot. Our tip? Fake laugh and wait for it to turn into real, genuine laughter. It always does.

Now that you have some easy posing ideas for your next brand shoot, we have a few other tips to help you plan for your shoot. Pick specific locations ahead of time and think of ideas of where you’ll pose, what the background will look like, and what colors your surroundings will be. Then, plan out outfits that complement these colors and the setting. Finally, browse social media (think Pinterest or Instagram) to get ideas of poses you may want to try. Alright, you’ve got this. Good luck!

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