Things To Do While You Continue to Physically Distance Yourself From Others 



Things To Do While You Continue to Physically Distance Yourself From Others 

With everything happening so quickly, it’s hard to not be uneasy about the immediate future and how COVID-19 can and will affect so many lives. Shutting yourself in at home for a couple of weeks may not sound too desirable, but it is a necessary precaution we need to be taking to proactively handle this national pandemic. 

With that being said, we like to think on the bright side! Here are some ways we can enjoy and make the most out of this extra time at home over the next few weeks. 

Closet Detox

We know you have clothes and shoes in there you haven’t worn in years, so what are you waiting for? Now’s the time. Out with the old, and maybe in with the new? Our friend and personal stylist, Carson Love has a Closet Edit Freebie just for this occasion! Carson says to ask yourself, Do you: Love it? Need it? Use it?

Online Shop

You’ve cleaned your closet out, so go ahead and treat yourself with something new for all that hard work you put in. If you aren’t an avid online shopper like me, now’s the time to give it a go. I can spend hours laying in bed just clicking through pages of online boutiques to find that perfect piece to add to my wardrobe. Shop local to support businesses that are going through slower times right now. For this, we love our friends and clients at White Lily Boutique in Mt Juliet, TN.

Buy Gift Cards from Local Shops

Maybe now isn’t the time for a fresh cut and color, but you can support your local businesses by purchasing gift cards to use later. Stop by the next time you go out to make a grocery run, and your local businesses will be very grateful. Euphoria Salon Nashville is giving away $2000 in FREE hair services for an entire year. Just venmo $20 to @euphoria-salon and enter to win!

Do Your Taxes

Even with the new extension, July 15th still isn’t too far around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten around to filing your taxes, now is the perfect time. Especially if you’re owed a refund! 

Get Crafty in the Kitchen

Try this Bread in a Bag cooking experiment with the family! Friendly tip – make extra! This fresh, fun cooking project is a delicious way to make everyone in the family a little (and big) chef.

Listen to Music

Is there a new album your favorite artist just released, but you haven’t had the time to listen to it? Now you do! Take this extra down time to enjoy the talent’s of your favorite artists. We are loving all of the live performances on social media from musicians who’re also self-quarantined.

Watch Movies

Watch all the movies! Pick a movie you normally wouldn’t, you might just surprise yourself. Don’t forget, sharing is caring! We’re all running out of Netflix series (and fast!) so if you stumble across a hidden gem, let us know!

Daily Stretch or Meditation

Being quarantined at home can be stressful and make you stir crazy, so what better time than now to perfect a morning meditation, yoga or stretch session? The benefits of all three are endless, and your body will thank you later. Our clients, JOIYA are hosting #JOIFEST, an online community focused on short, impactful sessions for free – including journaling, mindfulness, yoga, and family activities that tackle boredom, reduce anxiety and increase JOI! Join HERE.

Catch Up With a Friend

Have you not talked to your best friend from high school or college for years? Give them a call to catch up, and you will be so happy you did. Same goes with family members! Take is a step further and schedule a virtual happy hour via Zoom. Just be sure you understand how to work the video component, you don’t want to end up like Jennifer.

Clean Up your Inbox

Are you subscribed to an obnoxious amount of newsletters you don’t even remember signing up for? Take the time to unsubscribe and declutter your inbox and try subscribing to something new! We recommend Unroll.Me.

Pamper Yourself

Treat yo’ self! At the end of the day, there is nothing better than giving yourself a little TLC. Give yourself a mani pedi, take a bubble bath (glass of wine optional), or apply that face mask you’ve been putting off for weeks. Our team at Southern Social is self-tanning safely from home! We recommend grabbing SUNPOP Tanning Towelettes by Tournesol Beauty

There you go! While being quarantined may not be ideal, there are so many ways we can all try to make the most of it. Do your best to relax. We’re in this together. 




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