5 Tips to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself



As a mom of 2, a successful entrepreneur, and a body positive model, Keisha Olds is the definition of inspirational. Our Southern Social Founder and CEO works daily to help brands thrive and exceed their goals. From her experience as CEO and Creative Director, Keisha has a lot to share when it comes to pursuing your wildest dreams, but as a strong and empowering woman, she also inspires confidence and self-love. Get to know Keisha, and you’ll get to know a better version of yourself. 

Here are 5 tips from our Founder and CEO to help you become a better version of yourself. 

  1. Know Your Purpose

Do you ever shy away from what you know you’re meant to do? Does your biggest dream sometimes feel too big? Keisha’s number one tip for becoming a better version of yourself is to not only own your purpose, but to also not be afraid of dreaming BIG. Once you have a clear idea of your unique purpose, create that vision board, and don’t be afraid to manifest all that you want. One way to dream big even when you feel a lack of confidence is to double everything. Regardless of what you feel, go ahead! Double the income, double the contribution, double the impact, double the followers, double the sales, double the places traveled, double the joy. And just for fun, double it again. 

  1. Accept Help

Did this one make you cringe a bit? For whatever reason, we have a really hard time accepting help. Keisha says, “I try to surround myself in business and life with those who truly up my game and challenge me, whether it’s religion, financial success, parenting skills, or just simple organization (those far more organized than I am!),” she says through laughter. But in all seriousness, it’s so important to know your limits and not be ashamed of them. Everyone has limits, and we can lift others up by knowing what they do best. Surround yourself with your own community of people who challenge you and compliment you in all areas of life. 

  1. Help Other People

Part of knowing when to accept help is to know when to offer help in return. Keisha knows that having purpose, by definition, means that we are meant to help others. When you see a need that aligns with your unique gifts and skills, as well as your passion, then this is the perfect opportunity to offer help. Helping other people doesn’t just have to be in your career, you can help your neighbors, your family, and people you don’t know. Having a helping spirit helps you grow as a person and will feel more natural the more you do it. Go ahead and try it! Find as many opportunities as you can to offer help to others and see how it makes you feel. 

  1. Accept Challenges

Keisha’s motto is, “Say YES. Even if you aren’t 100% confident, you’ll figure it out!” Too often, fear sets in and cripples our ability to try something new or exciting. These opportunities that scare us are the experiences that foster tremendous growth. Give it a try, say yes to something and trust yourself to figure out the rest later! Saying yes is exhilarating, and can lead you to places that you can’t get to with a negative mindset. 

  1. Own Your Hot Mess

Keisha is a self-proclaimed hot mess, and she owns it. Confidence doesn’t come after you achieve perfection. Confidence comes from knowing that nobody’s perfect. Be confident in the fact that no one else can be you, and you are beautiful in the ways that are imperfect. Whatever it is that you are ashamed of, own it! 




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