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Have a client you were so excited to work with but things turned sour right off the bat? An initial meeting can be deceptive when discussing working together goes swimmingly, but when the actual work begins the client is demanding and unrealistic…or worse, disrespectful and downright bad at communication. What do you do when you feel like your client has become ungrateful?

4 Tips for When Your Client Has Become Ungrateful

If you want to continue working with this client and turn the situation around, here are 4 ways to deal with a client who has become ungrateful. 

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

client has become ungrateful communicate

Even though your client may not be very good at communication, that doesn’t mean you should stop communicating clearly. In these situations, over-communication is required. Assess the situation between you and your client and communicate what you need from them in order to do your job successfully. This may include being clear about your availability, realistic deadlines, and your general workflow. 

2. Outline all Possible Outcomes

client has become ungrateful outline all possible outcomes

Prior to working together, outline your team’s process for dealing with various scenarios that a client may need, like pushing up a deadline, needing an impromptu meeting, or requiring additional revisions. Have your own protocol in place for things like this so that your client isn’t thrown off when you respond accordingly. 

3. Be Clear About What You Do

client has become ungrateful be clear about what your do

Respectfully help your clients better understand what you do and how much time it takes to do these tasks. In the best way you can, explain that there is no substitute for time and talent. You can’t bake a cake faster by turning up the heat. 

4. Know When it’s Time to Charge More

client has become ungrateful charge more

If your client is persistent about work being done sooner, or if the client is pushing the boundaries on how much work needs to be done, then it may be time to revisit your contract and insist that you be paid for your time and additional work. Before starting additional work, communicate clearly with your client that you have to charge more for more work. 

If you’ve gone through the 4 steps above and have communicated your needs clearly with your client, but they still seem ungrateful for your hard work, then it may be time to let a client go. However, we do believe with good communication and outlining everything prior to working together, you can make the relationship work! If your client fits the mold of your ideal client, then it will be worth working through the steps above to get to a place where you and your client enjoy working together.

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